Friday, 14 November 2014

An Update on Hiraku

Read more about Hiraku HERE.

Poor boy... Initially, I thought there might be some good news about Hiraku. Hmmm... no good news man... His 1 eye is blind and the other one is diagnosed with early stages of cataract. He looked fatter though which really is a pleasant sight. ^^

I doubt I'll be able to adopt him as J didn't seemed at all moved when I told him about Hiraku a few months back. If he were like my ex, he would have immediately given me the green light to adopt him. I guess this is 1 of the setbacks of being married. You cannot do things at your fancy but consider the other person as well. Bummer...

If I were single, I would have adopted Hiraku without a 2nd thought. Don't get me wrong. Having a partner has its perks. It's just a matter of finding one who suits you, complements you. Oh well...

If you can contribute money, please donate to Hope Dog Rescue.
If you cannot, please offer prayers for Hiraku. ^^

Have a great Friday peeps!!!

Dreamy C

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