Sunday 15 December 2013

Haul from Mapletree House - Part I

As mentioned in my YouTube video HERE, there were hiccups experienced @ Mapletree House. Once, they gave me Wink of Stella in Black when I ordered Clear. Another time, they told me I'll receive 0.5" Adhesive Foam Tape by phone but when that day comes, they told me that the item has not reached Singapore. -____-lll
A couple of days back, they told me over the phone that I'll receive my Hero Arts Black Ink and I even repeated what items I will receive to them. When the actual day comes which was yesterday, I made effort to send them a message in the morning, repeating on the items I was to receive. Guess what? They told me that the Hero Arts Black Ink has yet to arrive. I couldn't believe my ears! How could this happen when I've made efforts to remind them?! Hello... I'm the customer here... How that could happen? I don't even know...

Anyway, take a look at the items received today. This is just part of it. The rest are due to arrive in 1 - 2 weeks time.

I've been using Cutterpede paper trimmer.
I heard lots of good reviews on the one from Fiskars and thought of giving it a try.
If it's really good, I might invest in a Precision one. That cost easily 200 bucks!

Replacement blades for my new trimmer.

Hero Hues Unicorn Pigment Ink
Hero Arts Shadow Ink in Soft Granite
I believe the staff meant Soft Granite when she told me Hero Arts Black Ink but frankly speaking, why can't she just say Soft Granite since I've also ordered Hero Arts Black Ink??? So confusing...

I had wanted to use this stamp and make a card for my niece but I was slow to order.

0.5" Foam Squares from Scrapbook Adhesives.

Wink of Stella Glitter Brush in Clear.

YouTube video HERE.

This is the end of my haul. Have a great Sunday!

Dreamy C

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