Saturday 14 December 2013

Capella Sentosa - 1 Bedroom Villa

As mentioned earlier, I'll do a post on the stay at Capella Sentosa.

YouTube link HERE.

Let's get down to it.

First, if you are going with someone dear to you, I say go for it! Otherwise, save it. Why? It's pricey! It easily cost you SGD800 plus per night I believe.

Second, if you are going with a party of people and you are paying for the meals, I say go elsewhere for food. With 2 x adults and 3 x kids, it easily cost you SGD200 plus per meal. We had 1 x breakfast, 2 x lunches and 1 x dinner. The bill came up to at least 700 bucks! Surely, you can put those bucks into good use, ELSEWHERE. You can spend it on Universal Studios for instance. Kids will go crazy there... We had all our meals at The Knolls. Taste wise is alright. If you must, go for their spaghetti bolognese. The tomatoes used were fresh and it is thick. One of the boys love this and I tell you, this boy loves his food and he sure can taste very well! =)

I only took photos of our dinner so here are the photos:

Tomato Soup
J said it's alright.

My Claypot Chicken Rice.
Not bad... Lovely chili padi to go along with it. Look top right corner. Yummy...

This is the spaghetti bolognese I was talking about earlier.
Doesn't look good but boy is the sauce good!

Kiddos took this for most of the meals there.
Is it really THAT good? I don't know... *shrugs*

There are a total of 3 x pools - Lap Pool, Family Pool and 1 more I don't remember. The one which I do not remember is the one nearest to The Knolls. People who are having their meals al fresco will be able to see you swimming from that pool. Well, if you've got the body to flaunt and you don't mind eagle eyes gawking at you, go ahead! We mainly stayed at the Family Pool, more privacy and it's big enough. The Lap Pool isn't that big and it really is the perfect pool for 2 lovebirds only. More than 1 set of couple? Please stay away. 

Overall, it's worth the experience but experienced once is enough. At least, that's my opinion. I might bring my Mom there during her birthday but then again, with SGD800 plus per night, I'm better off flying her to Bangkok for 7 days 6 nights then spending 5 nights in Capella. Well see... Perhaps I'll let her stay there for 1 or 2 nights and send her off for a massage at the Spa there but then again, she's very particular with her massages. Yes that's my Mom for you... Adorable but Hard to Please. Aren't they all? Ha ha...

Have a great Saturday Y'all!

Dreamy C

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