Saturday, 14 December 2013

Filo 16th to 22nd Dec Setup

I forgot to take photos of my setup for 09th to 15th Dec but you can check it out from YouTube. Click HERE.

So I'm going to jump to the next week. My setup for 16th to 22nd Dec for my Personal Finsbury in Pink.

Check out how it looks like HERE.

Materials used as follows:

I used the stamp of the ewe and squirrel here.

Reinforcement rings purchased from Kinokuniya.
Check out my entry on the Haul from Kinokuniya HERE.

Hello Kitty stickers from Artbox.

Washi Tape from Kinokuniya or Artbox.
Sorry I don't remember.

I used the middle sized circle as my pointers.

I did a double stamping with the flower stamp on the bottom left.

So this is how I did my deco for the coming week. Have a great Saturday people!

Dreamy C

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