Thursday 5 December 2013

A Little Frustrated Yesterday...

Ahhhhh!!! I can’t seem to find any A5 Finsbury in Pink! So very frustrating! Apparently, it’s out-of-stock. There’s 1 in Ebay but that’s used and comes with just the binder. There’s also 1 in Amazon but that cost quite a bit. It’s slightly lesser than $250.00 I believe and I think it’s in USD? Should I wait for the right A5 Finsbury in Pink to come along or should I go for a Malden in Grey?  I guess I should save the money and wait for the Finsbury to come. In the meantime, I’ll make do with my Personal Finsbury in Pink. =)

I grew some Okra a few weeks back. Okie, it’s my helper who’s growing them. She’s got green fingers and I’ve cursed ones. Once, I managed to kill a Cactus. Can you believe it?! Anyway, for your information, Okras are actually Lady’s Fingers. =) I'll show you a photo of it soon...

My helper will transfer them to a different area a few weeks later. The area where they are at now don’t have full sun so we’re going to place them out of the house. I’m a good neighbor and I’ve asked my neighbor if they’re fine with it. =) I’m looking forward to them growing.

Dreamy C

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