Friday, 6 December 2013

Fire Drill @ Midview City

There's a fire drill today in the morning. As good occupants, we went down to the assembly area.

In my line, I saw people leaving after 5 minutes. I went to the Fire Warden (FW) to inquire. This was our conversation:

Me: When can we leave?
FW: After the briefing.

A few minutes later, I see more people leaving and we've not even been briefed! So, I approached the Fire Warden again.

Me: I thought you said we can leave ONLY after the briefing?
FW: Yes.
Me: Why are the rest leaving then?
FW: Oh, because they have work to do.
Callie: All the people here have work to do.
FW: Oh, because they have important work to do.
(This is the moment I gave him a bewildered look like this o.O)
FW: Oh, they can leave so long as they have a representative here.
Me: Take a look at my line. NOBODY is staying here. There's NO representative.
FW: Ok you can leave if you want to.

Both J & I left. We left because this whole drill makes no sense! Fire Warden was wishy-washy. Come on... if you make a decision, stick to it! Don't change your mind constantly! It's a bloody fire drill! People have got to listen to you as you are the bloody Fire Warden!

Fire Drill - FAIL!!!

Dreamy C

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