Monday, 31 October 2016

Day 3 in Jakarta, 23rd October 2016

3rd day... My flight was really late at 5 plus.
I was feeling really lazy and didn't like the idea of venturing out.
Hence, I went to the Gym and breakfast in the hotel.
Then, I lazed around in my room and checked out close to 11a.m.
I got bored of sticking around in my room...

Took the cab to Gambir Railway Station.
Had lunch there...
Mie Ayam with Bakso
Didn't enjoy it but heck! My last meal!

After lunch, I had so much time to kill, I went for foot reflexology which cost only 100K rupiah for 1 hour. It was raining when I left the hotel so I thought spending some time at Gambir might turn the rain to a drizzle when I'm ready to leave. I was so wrong... It didn't turn into a drizzle. Neither was it a heavy downpour. I then went to buy a Red Bean Taiyaki so I can get a plastic bag to cover my head with. It was yummy... Hot and oh-so-comforting on a rainy day. If only I was in a villa in Puncak while this took place... Anyway, I went to Damri ticket booth which is within a short walking distance when I exit the Railway entrance. Bought my ticket to Soekarno Hatta Airport.
It wasn't crowded so I managed to have an empty seat beside me which I promptly made use of by putting my bag there. Journey took an hour.

Checked in and guess what I do with all the spare time on hand? Eat lah!
This was Tom Yum Soup. Pathetic.

Ended up reading a book - Room.

To summarize, I couldn't cover all that I planned to. I didn't go to Glodok, Kota Tua and Taman Mini.
I plan to make another trip to Jakarta come Christmas this year and visit the places I missed this trip.
I am so looking forward...
Overall, I LOVE Jakarta!
The food are spicy which I like.
The people are so friendly despite the language barrier. I find that body language gets me by easily.
I really enjoyed my stay...
After the 2nd trip, I'm going to Indonesia again come June next year. I made a promise to visit S in her hometown during Hari Raya and climb a few small mountains.
Can't wait... I'm sure I'm going to love it just as much!
Why oh why wouldn't the government allow foreigners to buy land there?!?!?! Bummer...

Till next time...

Dreamy C

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