Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Horlick - The Love of My Life

I have been treating myself well these days.
Having lots of Japanese food and enjoying them, bought myself a few workout attire from Adidas and dreaming of holidays amongst other things...

Having Horlick around meant that the tendency of me travelling is kept to the minimum.
He has been staying with me for close to 6 weeks now.
He's still meowing for me outside my door every morning, sometimes TOO early.
When I got out, he shuts up. He wants nothing but just to see me.
He's not even clingy towards me when I resurfaced from my room. He simply wants to see me.

His bald area at his back is getting bigger. I've decided to let it be and stop applying cream for him.
It's stress related and there's nothing I can do except try my best to make him happy.
This boy of mine is afraid of thunder and lightning. Rainy days are not his best days. Lol...
Update: After weeks later, his bald area is going through a season of Spring. Meaning, there's some 'hair' growing in small little patches.

I'm happy that he's getting closer to me and listens to me more often.
I guess time spent together really is the essence here.

I love him dearly. I started to have the habit of letting him see/smell my meals before I devour them.
If it's something which he approved, he would lick his mouth.
I've come to realize that he's not a veggie boy. Neither is he a fruits boy.
I'm glad he drinks plenty and goes to the toilet often.
He's still not used to the kids being around.
I know because the second they are out of the house for good, Horlick plays with his branch.
His appetite also came back IMMEDIATELY. Ha! My boy...
Update: After 2 months plus with the boys over for the weekend, Horlick has now grown used to their existence. He now eats when the kiddos are around.

I talk about him with pride, lots of pride. He's my bundle of joy and I'm glad God puts him in my life.
Just yesterday, J had a bout of really bad back pain and I've to attend to him.
Horlick managed to sneak into the room.
Before I know it, he jumped up and was right outside of the window. There are slopping tiles there.
DANGER! I quickly got him out and told him that it's dangerous.
Had I been later to find out, I fear that might be the end of him, 9 lives or not.

Look at me now... All talk about him. Ha ha... I'm loving it!

Dreamy C

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