Tuesday 1 November 2016

Bangkok 17th June 2016 to 20th June 2016

Ahhh... it's been months since I return.
This was my 2nd time in BKK. My 1st was years ago.

1st trip, I didn't do any massages, had good dinners at different hotels and managed to do a Floating Market trip which I enjoyed tremendously. We didn't do much shopping at all. I also visited a wet market (sheltered) near Chatuchak.
2nd trip, I ate more, travelled to places where the locals ate, visited a day wet market (not sheltered and it was quite an experience. got excited seeing monks along the way), shop a whole lot more and had lots of enjoyable massages.

I'm definitely going to make a 3rd trip to BKK, to do stuff which I didn't get to do on my 1st and 2nd trip. I want to watch Thai Kick Boxing and I want to watch it LIVE. I also want to do a dinner at one of the Sky Bars. Lastly, I want to go to Asiatique. I also want to try Greyhound Café and lots of other eateries. I also want to check out the Husky Café or Cat Café.
Hmmm... 2nd trip of 4D3N is just too short. TOO too short...

I'm not sure when this 3rd trip will take place as I'm having the itch to climb mountains.
Come next year, I'm going to try Mount Kembang and Mount Sumbing. This will probably take place end June next year. If J agrees, we will go to Ubud this December or next year January. If we ever do go to Ubud, I would like to climb Mount Agung or Mount Batur. I heard that the latter is much easier.

Let me share on some photos I took whilst in BKK.

These were taken at Jim Thompson's House:

These were taken from their morning market: 

2 of my favourite characters just outside of 1 of the many shopping malls we visited:

 The food we ate:

 The clothes I bought:

Love the copper crockeries...

Dreamy C

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