Saturday 28 November 2015

Taiwan Itinerary 2015 - Day 5

Wakey wakey... Eeyore up before 7AM, not early enough to catch sunrise.

My donkey going down the stairs

Look how blue the water looks

See, the entire Taroko Gorge is made up of stones of marble
My driver - Neil Zeng said that the entire Taroko Gorge is very valuable =D

I love how Neil managed to take such a photo

Eternal Spring Shrine Trail

My fatty donkey in helmet! Bwah ha ha...

Due to Typoon earlier, we are not allowed to climb. What a pity!
Looking from afar will do for now...

Chang Chun Bridge
The only reason why I added this in is the rays of sunlight

Swallow Grotto
Was told that there's no swallows in the holes anymore...

Went here for an Aboriginal Lunch

These are just some of the dishes.
I began eating and was so engrossed that I forgot to take photos of the rest of the dishes.
I thought this was nice until I had an even more delicious Aboriginal meal later...

Qing Shui Duan Ya (Qing Shui Cliff)

I LOVE this photo of us!!! Me and The Dowager a.k.a. my fatty donkey =)

The next few photos were taken in the evening from our hotel

Dinner - Wantons from a shop named Bian Shi in Hualien City

Neil bought these for us - Mochi! 1 in Yam and 1 in Peanut
We ate, love it so much and went for it again a few hours later

Brand is Zeng Ji, BEST Mochi I ever had!
I'm still thinking of them!

We love it so much, we bought 2 each for the both of us

Look at the amount of peanut in 1 x Mochi!

This shows you how chewy it is

Okie that's all for Day 5. 

Stay tuned for Day 6!

Dreamy C

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