Saturday, 28 November 2015

Trattoria Italian Kitchen

A short break from blogging about Taiwan. 
Went to this place last Saturday - 313 @ Somerset.

The Christmas tree arrived and that's an opportunity to take a picture!

My Mickey Mouse top from Taiwan

With matching shoes which I later change to...


Matching earrings...

Had Bruschetta Ai Pomodorini E Basilico as 1 of the Starters.
It is basically Oven baked bread topped with marinated tomato.
Verdict - Not bad... Bread crispy, wish there's more herb though

2nd Starter - Calamari Fritti
It is succulent pieces of fresh squid coated in our Trattoria butter, deep-fried to taste
and served with tartar sauce.
Verdict - Best Calamari ever tasted. Don't taste oily and it has a nice crunch.

The earlier 2 Starters were meant for J.
My Starter - Crema Di Mushroom Porcini
It is home-made cream of fresh Porcini mushroom soup perfumed with
truffle oil and topped with croutons.
Verdict - I would have loved it more if the chunks of mushroom is slightly bigger. 
Bistro Du Vin has better mushroom soup but that's French. This is Italian.

Fatty's Main - Penne Alfredo E Funghi
It is penne with wild mushrooms, cheesy cream sauce
Fatty wanted “Trattoria” Spaghetti Carbonara but somehow, ordered the wrong thing.
J said it tasted good but Fatty somehow did not think alike. I took a bite and I think if I want to go the creamy way, I would have preferred the Carbonara much instead...

J's Main - Pizza Napoletana
Verdict - I didn't try but J said it was good

I had wanted pasta but as I'm going to have spaghetti for dinner, I opted for a Pizza instead.
My Main - Hawaiian Pizza
Verdict - To be honest, I prefer the pizza from Prego @ Swissotel

My dessert which I ended sharing with Fatty.
Verdict - Honestly, this is by far THE best Tiramisu I've ever tasted! It's even better than the one in Prego. I wouldn't bat an eyelid having another and I'm not going to share the next time! Ha!

No restaurant is perfect, not even Les Amis. Having said that, go to Trattoria with no expectations and there will definitely be dishes that will wow you and those which will leave you in disappointments but it's those which is memorable which makes you want to go back again.

Have a nice Saturday Peeps!

Dreamy C

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