Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Taiwan Itinerary 2015 - Day 6

Day 6! Halfway there... Not that I''m complaining. I don't want to go home to be honest...
Today, we are going to have a good lunch and a good dinner! Breakfast @ Hotel Bayview is decent. Don't expect it to 'wow' you.

Let's begin shall we?

I believe this is Baqi Viewing Platform

Isn't the view just magnificent???
I was told that people cannot swim in the 'beaches' in Hualien due to the current.
If you want to swim, go visit Kenting. I heard it's another pretty place with great views!

This, I believe is Shitiping. After a gap of a few weeks, memory is fading me...

Look at my tum tum! *horror*

Tropic of Cancer Marker

Lunch is at a seafood place near Shiti Fishery Harbour.

Prawns are really fresh. These were steamed, plain but delicious!

Oh I Love This & They Cook It So Well!!!

Mommy & I don't quite fancy this fish due to its texture.

An ice-cream along the journey after lunch

Some lovely clouds... 

And more... I just love clouds.
I don't usually pay attention to them back home. I wonder why...

Liyu Lake - Another quiet and calm place
Great to have a picnic! BUT! We must maintain room for a good dinner to come!

Before I dive down to dinner, another picture of clouds. #cloudfanatic

Great idea to have the table legs as a sewing machine!

This salad is oh-so-nice

Pig's Skin which is also very delicious

Look at its fatness *ahem* I mean plumpness!

Salted Baked Fish

Dragonfruit Juice to end the meal

This place is near Hotel Bayview. To be honest, we were really stuffed and couldn't finish some of the dishes. They do not have set menus. This is actually a set. They just have sets of different price range. Even though this is a little too much for 2, I must say it's really great value for money! Not to forget, it's really a very sumptuous meal!

Doing this post is a torture to me right now. I hope you have been enjoying reading them so far. All the food, it's a KILLER! How I wish I'm back there THIS MOMENT! Enjoy this post Peeps! I'm going home now to have a bowl of home cooked Mee Siam as my dinner today. If I still yearn for Taiwan in months to come, I just might pop over there April 2016. Let's see as South Vietnam has been in my agenda for the longest time... =)

Dreamy C

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