Thursday 25 September 2014

MaMa Elephant Challenge - September 2014 (Card No. 2)

MaMa Elephant Challenge - September 2014 is ending 28th September 2014. With little time on hand, this will most probably be the 2nd and last card I'm going to submit for the challenge. ^^

I did this last night when I couldn't sleep. I saw a really pitiful male cat over on my FB and it saddens me that he's partially blind. Not only that, due to his inability to see properly, he was always beaten up by other strays. You know, fights over food and territory doesn't make you friends in this rough world. 
Thankfully, he was rescued by some kind souls and was brought to the vet to clean up his many wounds which does not heal as they weren't given time to heal. Imagine him being beaten up today and he goes back and lick his wounds. Come next day, he gets beaten up again. I really feel for him but due to health reasons, I couldn't adopt him. I've since dropped an email to the organisation and asked if there's any takers. I read that he's going to stay at the vet for 07 - 10 days and thereafter, should there be no adopters, they will let him out in the street again. 
If there's really no takers, I'm not sure if I'll take him in. I just feel for him you know what I mean?
When I saw that FB notice, I gave Hiraku a little prayer and I shed some tears for him. Yes, I'm a softie like that and I'm glad I'm a softie! =) Takes a hero to shed tears... 

Okie... enough about him. They named him Hiraku by the way. Such a cute name... ^^

Let's go back to my card!
I fussy cut the flowers and leaves.
I did also put some flossy accents on some dots.

Only 1 stamp set was used and i.e. Water Blooms.
The background is another cling stamp which I believe is from Impression Obsession.

I hope you enjoy this card!
Most importantly, I hope you will pray with me for Hiraku's fast healing and for a nice, sweet adopter to keep him, letting him feel love and security for the first time which will last him as long as he lives, for him to never have to fend for himself, be bullied by other cats and just have love and a full tummy with a nice warm bed every night. 

Many thanks and God Bless...

Dreamy C


  1. Love all that wonderful texture on your card! Thanks again for sharing with us at Mama Elephant & Me! (I hope he finds a family soon, I adore my two furchildren and would hate to think they were out there fighting for food. My oldest cat is going blind with cataracts but at least she is safe in our house)

    1. Hi lostinpaper, please help to pray for Hiraku. I got an email from Hope Dog Rescue last night and thank God for answering my prayers. Hiraku has been discharged earlier than expected (he's supposed to be out between next Wed to Fri, 01st to 03rd Oct) and guess what?! He's now living with a foster! They got him a foster! He'll be staying there till there's an adopter. I'm SO SO HAPPY for him! Please help to continue praying for him that he'll find a sweet and nice family to adopt him. Many thanks and may God bless you and your family in many ways! Much love... ^^
      Yes, at least your cat is safe with you. Security, food and love is all that matters for these fur kids.