Wednesday 17 September 2014

A View...

I've been making cards... LOTS of them. 200 for the church, 280 X'mas cards for the office, 50 Deepavali cards for the office and a few more for challenges, X'mas cards for friends, birthday cards etc. There's so many birthday cards to mail towards the end of the year. I love making cards and I love compliments from people! All it takes is a compliment to make me smile, make me feel appreciated. ^^

Take a look at the cards I've made so far. I update my Instagram account immediately whenever I just complete a card. Check ME (dreamyc_81) out!

Top left: Made this for Lawn Fawn No. 89 Challenge
The rest are made just as I sit around, thinking...

I thought I'm short of some cards for the office.
So, I made this only to find out that there's more than enough for the office. >.<

Gave the card on the left to Hippo for her birthday!

Card on the left was made as I want to see how the stencil from Tim Holtz look like. ^^
Card on the right was made because I had an extra girl lying around from a previous project and I would like to 'use' her. =)

Cards made for Mooncake Festival.
Top one was given to a dear sister who helped and is still helping me much in church.
Bottom one was given to a very dear friend. ^^

Cards made just because I want to try out Tim Holtz Stencil - Doily.

Love these...

So there you go... New creations so far.

There will be another probably later tonight as I would like to use that to enter the Lawn Fawn No. 90 Challenge. More on that tomorrow. See ya!

Dreamy C

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