Monday 19 August 2013

More Help Needed in The Philippines

On 11th August 2013, a Pastor from New York came to our church and gave a sermon - If you cannot be a King, be a Kingmaker. His story moves many and one of them is me! It is because of his childhood that he started an organization - Metro World Child. He aims to save kids, 1 at a time.

It was also on that day that J decided to sponsor a 5-year old from The Philippines. Her name is Loraine Perocho and I hope you will join me in praying for her well-being, for her to go to school, for her to have sufficient nutrients, for her to be happy and for her to be closer to God.

I was really concerned for her and I went to check how much is required to survive in The Philippines. I found out from a blogger that to fulfill basic necessities, USD700.00 is required per month for a family of 2 and that includes sending money back to family members in the rural area of The Philippines. I also found out about how much it cost to buy a kilo of meat (be it chicken, pork or beef), a kilo of veggie, dairy products, rice, seasonings like salt, sugar, oil there. I must say it's really cheap living there considering that I'm in Singapore. Though it's cheap living there, the family of my little Loraine cannot afford it and it pains me. They are a family of 7. To me, that's like WOW but I guess it's common to have many kids within a family.

I've just started to write to Loraine, including a hand-made card and a few photos. At least she knows that there's an additional person out there who cares.

Dreamy C

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