Saturday, 10 August 2013

Happy Birthday Singapore!!!

There's no perfect nation in this world. I'm proud to be a Singaporean. Small as we are, we achieved more than others bigger than us. Yes, we are a 'fine' city but in return for green and clean, I don't really mind though these days, I see people littering, spitting and throwing cigarette butts more often these days. The world is in decay.

Yes, properties are getting higher and unaffordable for many. Yes, there are cases where locals don't get as much opportunities as foreigners.
Think it this way. Life is unfair. It doesn't just happen here in Singapore. It happens EVERYWHERE!!!
All I'm saying is, appreciate what you have and strive towards what you don't have but dream of having. Dreaming is 1 thing, fulfilling is another.
Think positive and cast out all negativity.

This blog entry sounds more like a New Year's resolution. (-______-lll)

Anyway, Happy 48th Singapore!

Dreamy C

Note: I meant to post this on the actual day but was interrupted by J half-way. He had some discussions related to work. This is 1 of the cons of working with your spouse.

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