Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Have you calculated how much you'll need for your retirement and living the kind of lifestyle you desire? Bet it doesn't come cheap. It's never too young to think about it. In fact, the earlier you give it some thought, the better.

Me? I would like to retire at age 60. That's a good age to say Enough is Enough. I plan to keep myself active by doing volunteer work or perhaps working part-time, provided some companies would want to hire an elderly.

What's my desired lifestyle like? I would like to live with my Mom and Brother in a condominium. Why not HDB you ask? Well, a condominium comes with a mini gym, swimming pool and probably badminton and tennis court. My brother will be very happy with a tennis court.
I would want a bathtub in my bathroom, a walk-in wardrobe and proper storage space for my handicraft. The walk-in wardrobe and handicraft will probably need 1 room.
I also want a big kitchen so I can put all the appliances on the table. Appliances like a juicer, a deep frying machine, a popcorn maker, a blender etc.
I want a mini wine fridge, a nice oven and a big fridge.
I want the unit to come with 2 x living rooms. 1 will be the dining table (I want a big table so I can invite friends and relatives over) and probably enough space to fit in a majong table and in the other living room, there will be the television (I want one which is at least 42" Bravia flat screen), gaming, karaoke etc. My mom loves to sing.
I want the unit to come with a balcony where I can put a few pots of plants and flowers with enough space for a couple of chairs and a mini table.

Weekdays, you'll see me working part-time, doing my handicraft or volunteering. Come night time, I'll have a good meal with my family and chill out at the television area.

Weekends, I'll invite friends over for a good dinner, wine, dessert with some nice music in the background.

This is what I desire to have as my lifestyle and how I would like to spend retiring. Frankly speaking, I don't even dare to think how much all these is going to cost me. I'll most probably not be able to fulfill it but hey! Nobody says you can't dream...

Have a great Tuesday my friends and don't forget to dream tonight! >.<

Dreamy C

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