Sunday, 7 July 2013

Down, down, down

I have been sick for the past couple of days. I'm still not in tip top condition.

I was down with fever. No warning, no rhyme or reason, BAM! It hit me & I fell deep down. The highest was 40.5 deg. As if fever alone is not enough, I also have bad headache, loss of appetite, cravings & was feeling nauseous. Pregnant? Cannot be. My period just ended. Panadol Extra became my best friend overnight.

I felt horrible. After Panadol, all I could do was lie in bed & sweat like a pig. I sweat so much, my hair looked like I was just out of shower. I couldn't shower properly. I felt sticky & dirty. Time for meals, l want nothing but hot soup. One morning, I wanted fish ball noodles so bad. I was weak & I did not want to go down. I also do not want to trouble my helper. Come late afternoon, I could take it no longer & I went down for it. I took Xiao Wan Mian instead. I took 3 mouthfuls of noodles & that's the best I can do. Anymore & I would puke. I left with my food barely half eaten. I want to puke SO much but all that was out were saliva.

Just last night, l thought perhaps I had dengue fever. I thought I was going to be one of those people who die of dengue fever. l teared slightly & thought of who I'm going to write to before I die.

Well, I'm feeling better today. Let's see how it goes... I hope I get well soon. For now, I'm grateful l don't sweat as much & I can have clean cold showers. I gave myself a good scrub with my LUSH product & it feels so, so good. That alone? I'm happy.

Dreamy C

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