Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Vitamin C Mask

Remember the stuff from Korea that I blogged about recently? Well, l decided to give it try today & it's not bad. I have a habit of putting my masks in the fridge so when I put it on my face, it feels great!

Before this mask, I did a deep cleansing mask from KOSE.

Upon application of this mask, it doesn't sting my face which is another plus point.

The instructions says to remove it after 10 minutes. I only remove it after a good 1 hour. Ha ha...

The result seems good! My pores seem smaller. I kid you not!

I like this! The Problem now is - what am I going to do when I finish them?! I don't think it's even sold in Singapore!  This particular brand I mean. Let's just take 1 step @ a time...

Dreamy C

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