Monday, 24 June 2013

Calendula Healing Ointment

My finger has been hurting for the past week or so. My cuticle gave way & a small part of my skin seemed to be ripped apart, like a crack. I thought it would gradually heal but I was wrong. It got inflammed! It doesn't look like it's going to heal anytime soon. I can soon see clot blood.

To my rescue,J suggested this:

Once applied, it look like this.

Texture is oily & so, I bandage it up. After a few hrs, it got better. The clot up blood looked less angry. After a day, the blood turned into a pus & finger isn't that swelled up. Best part? Not as painful. I used to think this don't work. I'm thinking otherwise now.

It says on the tube:
A traditional herbal medicine for the family First Aid Kit to help heal cuts, abrasions & wounds. It supports the formation of healthy skin tissue & promotes skin repair. Also effective for slow healing wounds.

Dreamy C

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