Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Amazonia @ Great World City Mall

Brought kids here today.

2 little adorable boys @ the corner.
That's Fatty & Handsome for you.

It has a 8 metre slide & total of 5 levels of fun!
I had a try on the slide. Not bad though not exciting enough for me.
This place provided kiddos of close to 2 hrs of fun. ^^

This is the place for kids younger than 3 years old.

A musical "instrument" inside.
Step on it & listen to the notes you stepped on.

In summary, not bad but price is a bit steep. It's 33 bucks per kid for 2 hrs of fun but since it's the school holidays now, it's unlimited time. Pay an extra of $5.35 to get into the space ball area where it glows & you get to shoot balls with the aid of a "gun".

Spaceball Area

Dreamy C

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