Monday, 27 August 2012

Sunday - 26.08.2012

Ahhhhhh Sunday. My favourite day of the week. BUT first! While I'm typing out this entry on a Monday, I'm having my dinner. Something expensive, something nice.

Pepper Brie. This cost me $10.20!

Taste nice and creamy. I like... I had a slice of brie and also a slice of Parmesan cheese. Ya, that's my dinner. I'm not on a diet. It's just that I had a had a late and heavy lunch and so, my tum tum ain't growling yet.

My Sunday has been terrific, as like any other Sundays. Both J and I went to catch a movie.

The Expendables 2

The movie was alright. Lots of action though. Humor a little here and there. Lots of famous actors. I like how Arnold S said 'I'll be back' and Bruce Willis told him off. You'll understand when you watch it. Lunch was at The Cherubs place.

J's Starter - Calamari (Remember I didn't upload photo previously? Here it is!)
My all-time-favourite - Clam Chowder
J's Main - Chicken Pesto Toasties. One word - BORING
Pasta, LOVE them! Abirata. I think I got the spelling wrong.
My Dessert - Chocoholic's Mudpie
Overall, the food's not bad. I like my soup and my main. The dessert? J pretty much got the same stuff i.e. Creme Brulee. I had dessert for a change. Hmmm... my dessert is just so-so. Ain't making me fall off my chair.
This is me dressed up for our movie date.
Yes, taken in the toilet. Hey, lots of mirror, not bad lighting. Couldn't resist.
I look like my Mom, only younger. ^^
Another Sunday gone, next up's Monday!
Dreamy C

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