Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Continuation to Sunday - 26.08.2012

I somehow missed uploading photos of the stuff I bought on Sunday so here you go...

Concealer Brush 195 from M.A.C.
This retails for 39 bucks
Brush Cleanser from M.A.C.
This retails for 21 bucks
The one I got from Sephora is running out so I got 2 bottles of these. I've read that this is good stuff. Whatever the case is, I need to replenish. I clean my brushes briefly at the end of each day and this is when such solution is useful. Once a week, I clean my brushes thoroughly with Fancl.
Seikisho Mask White fro KOSE
This retails for 35 bucks
This mask is good. At times, I use the pink mask and at times, I use this. It gives you a clean sensation after use. I always follow up with a Genifique mask from Lancome after this. I feel that it's always good for my skin to thorough cleanse it and thereafter, reward it with lots of nutrients from the Genifique mask. My method, to each of her own. ^^
Total damage for the day? Let me NOT think about it.
Dreamy C

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