Thursday, 23 August 2012

Monday - 20.08.2012

A recurring holiday here! Just what have I been up to? Being a housewife! Ha!

As usual, I made breakfast, coffee and water the plants in the morning. Went to the market in the morning and bought some ingredients. Sadly, most of the stalls Prepared lunch AND dinner. Photos!

I deserve ANOTHER reward for being so hardworking. Ha! We went to Tanglin in the afternoon and I got some nice containers for my nail polish, make-up etc. The previous box which I got from IKEA for my manicure takes up too much space from my little vanity table. I show you the photos...

Right: This is how the container looks like.
Left: After putting my stuff, each level can be turned around
I find this cute and hence, I got it. Cotton buds on the right and cotton pads on the left
Your Monday any better?
Dreamy C

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