Monday, 20 August 2012

Sunday - 19.08.2012

Ahhhhhhh Sunday! What a day! A well derserved break! Time to spend some mon-ney!!! ^^

J and I went to Baker & Cook @ 77 Hillcrest Road. Postal code is S288951 just in case you've decided to check it out. I bought the following for close to 50 bucks.
  1. 1 loaf Walnut bread
  2. 3 loaves Olive bread (theirs comes with both black and green olives which I love. Cedele's version only comes with black olives and onion)
  3. 1 x Blackberry Cheesecake
  4. 1 x Farm House Carrot Cake
  5. 1 x Caramel Walnut Bun
  6. 2 x Butter Croissant
  7. 1 x Chocolate Croissant
Their bread is of market price. Their bun is expensive. I got the caramel walnut for $4.50! The cakes cost around $6 each. I'm happy with the stuff purchased from this bakery. We'll see if their butter croissant taste better than those from Jones the Grocer.

Lunch! We got it fixed @ Pepproni Pizzeria. Pictures...

Our Starter - Arugula Salad

J's Pizza - Napoletana

Mine! Magherita

Now, what is pizza w/o a glass of nice cold beer. Ahhhhh...

Next stop, Tangs Orchard to do some damage!

I've been liking the Genifique mask from LancĂ´me. It adheres to my face very well and I like the cool sensation of it on my face. It is pretty 'solid'. What do I mean by that? You know how most masks are soaked with essence of goodness. This Genifique mask however, has a gel-like thing which sticks to the sheet. I usually leave it on for more than 30 minutes though instructions tell me otherwise. After application, my skin feels really hydrated, clear and nice. I usually have this mask on after the pink mask. I'll blog about the pink mask tomorrow.  

Well, I ran out of my favorite mask for a couple of months. Since it's a holiday here tomorrow, I've decided to go spend some money.

I bought supply for an entire year! As a result, I got back some free gifts. These masks cost SGD70.00 a pack and there's 3 pcs of mask in each pack. I got these from Tangs Orchard. I'll show you the free gifts.

There you go! I was happy that I finally get to try their mascara - Hypnose Doll Eyes w/o having to spend money purchasing it. This sample here isn't waterproof. They have the waterproof AND non-waterproof version. My lashes do just fine with or without waterproof capability so long as I curl them up.

We went to GAP @ Wheelock next. This time round, damage is not mine! A man's gotta share some too! *winks*

Top for H. I chose this! I like the horse

This I chose for Charming

J chose this for Fatty

J got these for H. I like the design at the butt area. ^^

My outfit for the day

How can I possibly let him get away so easily? Ha ha! Well, he suggested and I went picking stuff for myself! How lovely...

I like this. I can wear this with jeans or a pair of denim shorts. Very casual

Doesn't look fantastic but it sure looks good once worn! Some clothes just surprises you

I like the blue...

My Sunday... Lovely, lovely, LOVELY!

Dreamy C

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