Wednesday 9 December 2015

Taiwan Itinerary 2015 - Day 10

Day 10 is another tour... This time, our driver is Andy.
Previously in Hualien, our driver is Neil. Neil speaks good English, is never late, very thoughtful (he cleans our cutleries with tissue paper and he helps order our food), gives good suggestions (he was the one who recommended us to the delicious food cooked by an Aboriginal family near Hotel Bayview), is always ready to help take photos for us (most of the time, w/o us even asking), is flexible (even offered driving us to Hualien City for dinner when it's past after 6 PM and he hasn't even taken his dinner!), very helpful and overall, a really pleasant experience with him! He even bought us Mochi and Bubble Tea!

Now let's talk about Andy. Andy is just as nice. He's recommended by Neil in fact. I found out later that they are school friends. Andy is also just as obliging, friendly, courteous, has good knowledge, speaks good English and like Neil, he bought something for us to try which I've forgotten what it was. Bwah ha ha... If you're interested in getting their contact numbers, drop me an email. I'm happy to assist!

1st stop - Yeliu Geopark
This is what looks like a turtle here...

The infamous Queen Head
Her neck is getting thinner and thinner so come and see her soon!


Next stop - Theresa Teng's Grave
This was impromptu. Mommy just wants to check it out.
I found out that the grave yard there is very neat, tidy and orderly.

Nanya Rock Formations

Minerals on the rock for a long time and hence, chemical reactions I believe.
When the sun shines on it, it looks like gold

No luck with sunlight. Else, the water will look like gold

Next stop - Jiufen
I love this place!
Near the entrance is this shop selling deep fried prawn ball. Very nice. 
We had another round before leaving...

Fishball, Sotong ball etc.
Very chewy

Not too bad Lu Rou Fan
Best is in Hualien. This is 2nd best. =)

Peanut Ice Cream being rolled up.
Call it Peanut Ice Cream Popiah if you want.
Nothing fantastic.

Yu Yuan
Mom preferred Fen Yuan

My splurge - Lots of stuff to brew Tea!

We didn't go to Shifen as I find it pointless in setting off sky lantern.
Not very environmentally friendly. It's just me... =D

Dreamy C

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