Thursday, 6 August 2015

LUSH Haul - August 2015 (Part 1)

I'm in desperate need for Hand Cream!
All the dishes, laundry etc. done over the past 3 weeks left my hands really dry.
I am not pleased at all!
Also, I like the samples given by Lush previously which means it's time to get them in real size!
Check out what I got!

Herbalism & Mask of Magnaminty
I'm really happy with both products and hence, I decided to re-stock!
My current stock is running low. In fact, I just finished 1 x tub of Herbalism.
Come tomorrow, I'm going to start on my 2nd tub. As for Mask of MM, I gather I'll be able to stretch it for another 2 or 3 times before starting on my 2nd tub.

Dark Angels
I got this to improve on the condition of my oily skin.
Not that I'm unhappy with my current regime (Herbalism, Tea Tree Toner, Enzymion on a daily basis and once a week of Mask of MM). I just want it to be EVEN better.
Previously, I used Angels on Bare Skin and I didn't like it as I find it not 'abrasive' enough.
This Dark Angels? It sure is 'abrasive'! I would say that it's more hard core than Ocean Salt.
I was afraid it's too much for my delicate face after using it for the 1st time.
I shared my concerns with the SA and she said that she too find it too much for her skin. She use this on her body instead. Hmmm... good idea though I would still prefer Ocean Salt for the body. >.<

Mint Julips
My 1st container was purchased in Year 2012. I kept it till Year 2015.
Through these years, I've used it less than 5 times.
Let's just say I've never had the habit of exfoliating my lips.
I tried using it even though it's way past its expiry date.
Don't like it as it dried up pretty badly. Hence, I got myself another one and I was really glad to find the new one more 'moist'. I guess one can only really tell the difference when they put an expired one and a fresh one side by side. ^^

Dream Cream
On many occasions, I wanted to get a hand lotion and I failed miserably.
This time round, I vowed to get one.
I decided on this as it's not as greasy and it smells of lavender! I luuurrrvveeee lavender!
For my poor hands, I would say this is too light for me but given another chance, I would still buy this. Why? Simply because it's not as greasy as the others!

Jumping Juniper
This is good for oily hair and so I got it. Also, it has lavender in it. Another plus!
I've not used it yet. I want to bring this along with me for my Taiwan trip this November and I don't want to get it wet as yet. I'm sure this product will not disappoint!

 Roots (Scalp Treatment)
Apologies for insufficient lighting.
I was given a sample and I liked it.
So, I decided to get it in real size! 

Big Shampoo
I like this as well after being given a sample of it.
I like the volume it gives my hair.

Grease Lightning
Bought this to control the oil on my face though I've not been faithful in applying it.
I always seem to forget it. Perhaps I should keep reminding myself of its existence. Ha!
I bought this mainly for First Born's face. He's going through puberty now and a few pimples have started to pop up. I doubt he knows how to take care of his face. This is the little bit that I can do...

 New Shampoo
Bought this as the SA says this is a shampoo which goes very well with Roots.
It's also good for hair loss and oily scalp.
Since I've not started on Jumping Juniper, I can't compare them together.
This one smells of cinnamon which isn't my favorite thing though I like the smell of it for cooking and desserts and very rarely, coffee.

Wiccy Magic Muscles
This is supposedly good for aching/sore muscles.
I've yet to try it though. I don't quite like the smell of it.
I'm going to give it a try after the sore on my neck has healed.

T'eo (Deodorant)
Since my teenage years till now, I've always been a faithful Body Shop customer and buy my deodorant from them. When I found out that LUSH sells deodorant as well, I knew I've GOT to give it a try! I highly doubt a sample can be given. I didn't even bother to ask! I just got it and how do I like it? I LOVE it! It doesn't stain my tops even the black ones. If it does (sometimes staining occurs when you try to wear your top), you can simply remove them with some tap water! I don't do vigorous work. I work in an office and at times, I do travel out into the hot sun for lunch. T'eo is pretty much odorless. It has lemongrass in it and when you bring it to your nose for a whiff, you can smell something but after application, no smell at all! I gave my armpits a smell after more than 8 hours wear and I honestly smell nothing. Not even a scent of fragrance even! No bad smell either! ^^
Big Solid Conditioner
No photo here as I forgot to take one.
When I remembered, I finished it.
I was after all, given a sample!
Read on my next post to find out more on what my thoughts are for this product!

Have a great one Peeps!
Oh and fellow Singaporeans, HAPPY SG50! Extended holiday! Whoo hoo...!!!

Dreamy C

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