Thursday 9 April 2015

Back Alive...

I'm back but not for long... Ha ha...
On 24th February, I got tired and blogged that I'll be taking a break.
Well, the break was short! Lasted only 1 month 15 days, round about.
I've decided that I will blog as and when I want to or when I've something to share like TRAVEL!

What have I been up to?
I've been exercising!

For a few weeks, I've been jogging for 30 sec and walking for 1 min 30 sec.
This I did for 6 cycles. I start off with a warm up of 5 mins and end with a cool down of 5 mins.
No change in scale.

Then for next 2 weeks, I jogged for 40 sec and walk for 1 min 20 sec.
Again, warm up of 5 mins and cool down of 5 mins.

The next 1 week, I jogged for 1 min and walk for 2 mins.
Sensing that my stamina seemed better, I now jog for 1 min 30 sec and walk 1 min 30 sec.
I've stopped checking the scale.

In all, I've exercised for a month plus now, having started in March last month.
I also signed up for a class in a community centre - Pilates Matwork for Beginners.

All along, I've exercised with my Adidas Seduction.
It was only recently that I got myself a pair of Nike - Air Zoom Pegasus 31.
My Adidas is really good for walking as it's really well-ventilated.
The Nike is good for running due to the amount of cushion.

I usually do the jog-walk exercise on Mondays through Fridays. Nike is the one I turn to.
On Saturdays, I brisk walk for 1 hour followed by 1 x round (370m) jog. Adidas is the one I turn to.
Sunday, I rest.

Other than exercising, I've also been keeping myself busy with BSF and Telios.
My church came up with a program - Telios where it's a deeper study on God's Word.
FDG is a foundation and I completed that last year. Hence, I've moving on to Telios.
In order to keep myself disciplined, I use something called Spiraldex on my planner which helps me plan my time better. This way, I'll be able to finish each task on a daily basis.
If I do not do it this way, time will pass me by quickly and I'll achieve nothing at the end of each day.

What else is coming up?
I'm going to JB on Saturday morning! I read that the Fish Head Curry @ Jalan Wong Ah Fook is really nice. There's also a few more eateries at Jalan Wong Ah Fook. Hence, I intend to check it out!
The ringgit exchange rate is really good by the way! I went and change SGD100 on Tuesday and that got me 268.41 ringgit! Of course, I gave a little extra to make it to 300 ringgit. ^^
While taking a cab to send my overseas client to Botanic Garden, the cab driver told me that many Singaporeans go for massage at the shops near Jusco in Bukit Indah. He said it's cheap and good.
I wouldn't mind a good massage! I'll have to see if my female companions would be interested come this Saturday... I'll blog about my little 'adventure' in JB next week!

That's about all for me thus far... There's a long holiday come August this year. National Day falls on a Sunday and so, the next day (Monday) is a public holiday. Also, the Friday of the week which National Day falls in, is also a holiday since this is the 50th year that Singapore has gained her independence. Thus giving us 4 days of holiday! Whoo hoo...! In my opinion, it'll be such a waste if I stayed in Singapore during that period. I'm planning something now. I'm still comparing the flight. ^^
Keep you updated!

Have a great one Peeps!

Dreamy C

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