Friday, 1 August 2014

Nam Nam Noodles

I went to Nam Nam Noodles yesterday evening for dinner with 1 of my DFG gf. That was my 2nd visit. The last time I went was probably at least a year back. It wasn't WOW for me back then.

A friend was raving about it, saying that both his gf and himself will always eat their food whenever they see an outlet. I thought that was overly exaggerated. Nonetheless, I had a deep craving for it after talking to him and so, I decided to try again.

How was it? One word - Unforgettable! In a good way... ^^

Wagyu Beef Pho
I read that some people say that the soup is more beefy for Wagyu beef as compared to beef steak slices and so, I ordered this! I let the beef sit in the soup for a while as I don't enjoy taking beef which is not fully cooked. The beef was smooth, tender and really tasty. The soup was just as delicious!
Price? SGD17.90. I don't regret a single bit!

Fried Chicken Wing
This is a great side dish! Love it! The chicken was really crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.
Thumbs up! Make it 10 fingers! Ha ha...

Well, that's all I had. I took their redemption card. Once you eat a number of pho or sandwich or drink, they will give you 1 for free. Meaning, if you ate say 5 or 10 bowls of pho (accumulated over time), they will give you a bowl free! I can't remember if it's 5 or 10 bowls. Well, wouldn't be hard for me to get a free bowl soon! I simply have fallen in love with this place and will be patronizing very soon! ^^ I may even go again this evening if the same gf is up for it. Ha ha...

That's all for me. Hope you have a great Friday! Can you smell the weekend approaching peeps??? ^^

Dreamy C

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