Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Wednesday, 07.05.2014

I've finished the cough medicine, the pills for flu and even my antibiotics. Recovered? Not fully... WHAT?! Well, the flu's pretty stubborn. Hotter than usual weathers with short downpours now and then makes virus thrive longer perhaps? All I know is that viruses are mightier these days... =(

I chanced upon a website last night, selling stuff for bento. J was watching a show yesterday. It's to do with health. He's always into vitamins, supplements etc. It's interesting to know that the Japanese lives pretty long. I don't want to live longer if my life is not going to be more fulfilled. I want to live healthier, that's for sure. I then went to find out on the diet of Japanese and that's when I thought of doing a bento concept for my lunches in the office! I'm making a trip down to Daiso this weekend to see if I can get any supplies for my bento making. =) Perhaps I'll start making some Onigiri first! Yummy...

I also need to get some Japanese supplies to make sushi, tamago, onigiri etc. I just found out that bus no. 54 goes to Liang Court where you have Meidi-ya there! Whoo hoo!!!

I also got an order from Spain albeit a small one. Whoo hoo!

Breakfast for today was a packet of bee hoon & noodles with a piece of hash brown, a fish fillet & 1 x otah.
Lunch will be Rice with Assam Pedas, omelette and stir-fry veggie.
Dinner? Not sure but dinner last night was rice with tumeric chicken and stir-fry zucchini. There's chilli padi of course! Lovely! =)

Business as usual for me today as is every weekday. I'll be dropping by the post office after work today.

I hope your mid-week is great!

Dreamy C

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