Monday, 19 May 2014

Monday, 19.05.2014

I was very productive over the weekend. I made 1.2 liters of Lemonade, about 2 x cups of Lemon Curd and 2 x cups of Berries Cheesecake as dessert on Sunday night!

Berries Cheesecake

Lemon Curd


It rained on Saturday morning so we didn't bring the kiddos anywhere. Come afternoon, S took them to the park after their nap. J went along while I stayed at home. I do treasure the moments I have alone at home. While they were out, I listened to Bjork and made more Christmas cards. I enjoyed myself very much. I enjoy the peace which doesn’t come by often over the weekend. =)

Saturday lunch was Fried Rice for the family except for me. I cooked myself some Miso Ramen.
Saturday dinner was Fish Burger with Fries, cooked by S. I had the same.

Miso Ramen

Sunday lunch was Toastie and dinner was Japanese Curry Rice. We had Berries (Strawberries, Raspberries & Blueberries) Cheesecake for dessert after dinner. J didn’t quite like it as he’s not a fan of anything cheese other than the cheese shavings over pasta. Hence, I finished ½ of his portion and mine is still in the fridge today. Next time round, I’ll mix some Lemon Curd with the Cream Cheese and perhaps make a thicker base with more digestive biscuits.

Japanese Curry Rice

My DFG class was cancelled yesterday and that explains how I could get so many things done within a day.

Breakfast for today was 2 x toast with Lemon Curd.
Lunch will be Japanese Curry Rice (leftover from last night). Dinner will be Sesame Oil Claypot Chicken with Rice. I intend to have this at Serangoon. Yummy…

I purchased a few more items for my craft hobby. I doubt I’ll have more baby showers in my life as people around me seem to have enough babies. I can only think of my cousin from 1st Aunt, from my mother’s side. I believe her baby boy is due in a month or 2. I’ll make a card once my stamp arrive. =) Even though I doubt I’ll have more baby showers, the images on the stamp set are just too irresistibly cute. I can’t help it. I NEED to get it. Ha ha…

Well, that’s it for me for today. I wish you a not-so-blue Monday!

Dreamy C

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