Saturday, 15 February 2014

Thai Express @ Junction 8

This is long overdue. I believe this took place last week? My gf & I went to Thai Express for dinner. I was still sick, coughing away but I couldn't be bothered. I need some spicy food & I need it NOW!!! Back then... =)

So we started off with Mango Salad.
Nice, sour and spicy but still within my scope.
The level of spiciness I meant.

What is Thai food w/o Tom Yam Soup?
This is Seafood Tom Yam Soup.
They come in only 1 size which is disappointing as this was definitely not enuf for 2!
Nice & spicy... I like...
More spicy than the Mango Salad.

I had to drown the spiciness with Lime & Sour Plum Juice.
My gf had Coconut drink. She said it was good... mine was gd 2...

Honey Chicken
I no like... can taste honey but chicken was tough.
Would have been better if the chicken was tender.

Some Long Beans
This isn't spicy though you can spot some chillies there.
I like... it goes well with rice.

Spent a few bucks more than 60.
Not bad, will definitely go back again.
Staff weren't alert though...

Too much food & too little exercise will turn you into THIS!
Bwah ha ha...
Not a cat but his tummy I'm referring.
All food & no exercise gives you a spare tyre!

Have a great Sat! Mine is almost ending...

Dreamy C

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