Monday, 3 February 2014

3rd Day of CNY

Being a Sunday, I decided to have dinner with Mom before I start work today. My dear brother fell ill and couldn’t join us for dinner. Anyway, here’s what we ate…

We started with Yu Sheng - 1 of our favorites!
Not that good... Very few slices of fish and crackers tasted 'old'.
I'll buy Yu Sheng from NTUC Supermarket on the 7th day of CNY and bring it over to Mom's place.

Vietnam Style Pork Ribs
A bit spicy, nothing fanciful.
Should have ordered the Pai Gu Da Wang instead, also pork ribs but different kind of sauce.

Salted Egg Prawn
Not bad but you'll grow sick of it after the first few pieces...

Sambal Kang Kong
Tasted the best among them all...

That's all I had yesterday. Though food was nothing spectacular, the company was more than spectacular. =)
I'll probably blog about food again on the 7th day and also on the 15th day which is the last day of CNY.

Wishing you a great Monday!!!

Dreamy C

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