Saturday 15 February 2014

15th Day of CNY

So yesterday marked the last day of the Lunar New Year. On the Eve, family members gather together for dinner - we call it The Reunion Dinner. On the last day, we come together as a family and celebrate this day called Yuan Xiao. I can't remember the story but you can google it if you are interested. I believe we have glutinous rice balls on this day? I may be wrong... Incidentally, it's also Valentine's Day! Happy belated Yuan Xiao & Valentine's Day to all! Ha ha ha...

I spent my day with dear old Mommy! I brought her to her favorite crab stall for dinner @ Still Road. Yummy yummy yummy...

Mee Goreng
Lovely but it used to be better...
Chef lost money during CNY period? At least that is what Mommy always say... Lose money so no mood to cook!

Kailan with Garlic
Our 1st time trying & I must say it's Good...!
We used to always order Kang Kong.
This is way better than Kang Kong. 
Kailan! You are favored! ^^

Fried You Tiao
This was stuffed with sotong paste.
You can almost never go wrong with this if the Chef handle the fire well...

I present you The Main Star!
Black Pepper Crab
Their black pepper crab is much better than their chilli crab.
We ordered 2 crabs, 1 male & 1 female.
Mommy was disappointed that the female has no egg but then again, good for her! The egg is high in cholestrol & Mommy is a victim of that now - high cholestrol. Go ez there woman...

Total damage? A few bucks short of 100.
I wouldn't really call it a damage. It's money well spent!

As it was the CNY period, not many crabs were available. We were lucky. A few minutes after taking our order, a few customers came & snapped up all the live crabs & it was only 6 plus in the evening!

I saw e Chef while washing my hands & joked that he can now take a rest... 
People came but left when told that no crabs were available.

I will be back!!! =)

Dreamy C

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