Sunday, 19 January 2014

Next Door Deli

Love, love, love being with Mommy... =)

I went to Mommy's place in the morning yesterday. My routine come Saturday would be to spend time with J's kids but things are going to change now. Horlick has been hostile towards me for the longest time and I intend to change that by spending more time with him and my Mom. They matters to me more than other people's kids... Well, that's just the fact of life! *shrugs*

My brother's home slippers.
So cute! I wished he got 1 for me but then again, J wouldn't like me wearing them at home... =(
Bro bought them from Taiwan. =)

Grilled Chicken Steak
Not bad... Drumstick, bone removed, skin crispy, hardly any fats, tender meat. 

Desserts after dinner.
Sea Salt Caramel - Not bad... Mommy likes it.
At the back, Black Forest Cake. Too much cream, made me sick of it after a few bites.

Come next Saturday, I'm going for our reunion dinner! Whoo hoo!!!

Dreamy C

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