Wednesday, 1 January 2014

IKEA Raskog

I can no longer tolerate the sight of my art space. It was filled with boxes of materials and ink pads! I felt restricted and I don't like it at all. New Year's Eve, I got the husband to bring me down to IKEA and I got a Raskog in Turquoise. I'm loving it. Check it out...

This is how the top tray looked like

2nd Tray

Last Tray

With this little Raskog, it frees up a lot of space on my art table. I'm really happy with it. 
I'm quietly hoping that they'll come out with one in baby pink! ^^
There's rollers which makes it really convenient.
It stands at 78 cm which is a good height. 
I don't have to bend my way down to reach for stuff, except for the last tray.
It cost lesser than 100 bucks, 89 to be exact.
It's from the Kitchen department.

I'm going to purchase about 13 x Pigment Ink Pads from MaMa Elephant a few months later.
I'm sure I can put them all on the 1st tray. There's plenty of space left!

If you need storage space which can be moved around the house, think no further. Get the Raskog!!!

Video HERE.

Dreamy C

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