Saturday 9 February 2013

Stuff Used for 2013 CNY Card

Envelope - Easily Done!

Stencil Used
Placed this stencil on top of the envelope.

Then with a make-up sponge, I dab it on one of the many ink pads I have and then I ink over the stencil.
Thereafter, I use a black marker and outline the pineapple.

First Page

These are the 2 stencils used
I do the same method as I did for the envelope.
For the words and lion, I use a variety of colors. I don't just stick to one color.

I then used one of the stickles - the glittery type, to give the body of the lion some shine.

2nd Page

I used foils for the flowers.

I run these dies through my Sizzix machine.

This is the machine.

I then use this piercer to...

pierce holes into the centre of the flowers. I then use one of the brads to secure the flowers.

I then use zots in size medium to secure the flowers on the card.

I then place some gold studs around the flower.

Now, I'm going to show you how I do this lovely flower pot.

Stencil used. As you can see, I use the middle image.

I then use my 2 of the stylus to emboss the image 
and I use the metal piece to pick up the silver and gold studs.

I use my stylus to go over the back part of the paper so when I flip over, 
I'll have an embossed image on the 2nd page!
I then use some stickles - liquid pearls type to color the popped up parts.
Lastly, I placed some silver studs around it.
I use a black marker to write some greetings and I'm done!

I'm going to buy markers of different colors next time. I hope you enjoyed reading this entry as much as I've enjoyed doing this card. In the meantime, Happy Lunar New Year! 

Dreamy C

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