Sunday, 10 February 2013

Card for my BFF


Stencil used for the Envelope
I did the inking method

1st page

I cut it using this design.

I used this stencil and place it on top of the card

I then spritz a mixture of color mist on it.
The thing about color mist which I dislike is that no matter how I try, no matter which direction, how far the distance, the position of the paper, I'll never fail to get big blobs on my paper. Other than this problem, I quite like the effect it has on paper.

2nd page

For the birds, I used a stencil which I do not have a photo for here.
I then took out some paste from Artist Spackle and spritz some color mist in red on it. 
Since the paste is in white, the result I get is pink.
I then use the spatula and spread the paste over the stencil.
Next time, I intend to add some glitter and see how the effect is like.

I then use some zips and zots in size medium and stick ribbon around it as a border.

My 2nd card this far.

Dreamy C

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