Sunday, 10 February 2013

A Postcard for J's Sis

Like me, she loves cats and J never fails to send her cards on occasions. What better way to send her one of the cards made by Dreamy C? Ha ha...

I used this stencil and spritz some color mist on the paper.
The color seeped through the paper and left some blobs of color on the reverse side of the paper.
Hence, I cut another white paper according to its size and stick it at the reverse side so J can do some writing there.

This was the stencil used at the bottom of the postcard.
Again, I did the inking method.

Frankly speaking, I like this card. Sure, it has some blobs of color on it but I think it looked just fine and I think the cats made the card looked better than it originally was. 

I did another card for her. It's a card for Easter and since it's still in the process (I'm only 3/4 done), I'll show it to you another day.

After the Easter card, I'm hoping to have some ideas in making some book marks! ^^

Dreamy C

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