Wednesday, 25 January 2017

5D4N Trip to Bangkok - Day 4

I was unhappy with how Day 3 ended.
I told Mom I'm going to bring her to Yaowarat at night but she slept the night away.
Oh well... an excuse to visit BKK again!

We had breakfast at the magazine lane.
I had the same thing i.e. pork rice and Cha Yen.
Mommy a.k.a. The Dowager had roast pork rice this time.

We went to Pratunam Day Market where The Dowager unleashed her powers!
This woman bought till she almost went broke! Kept saying she's got to stop but kept on buying!

Went back to the hotel to put our stuff which was mostly Mommy's & brought her to Central World.
There, I bought 3 x workout capri pants from G.A.P. and a black sheer top from Mango.

We headed to Big C next where we bought titbits and pomelo.
Fruits are aplenty in BKK and they are sweet! Once we came out of the supermarket, we saw many people trying to seal up their carton boxes with packing tape. Frankly, that was quite a scene...
Secretly, I'm glad The Dowager isn't a snacks hoarder.

We devoured the pomelo back in the hotel.
Dinner was at a Gyoza place within the food court area.
We also ate some Fried cuttlefish which was really huge.
Lastly, I brought Mommy to After You since she didn't join me and it would be such a waste to step into BKK and not have a taste of their Honey Shibuya Toast. It would be a sin in my opinion. Lol...
We packed some food back to the hotel. Just some little bites like 2 x small Mochi, 1 x Ikura Onigiri and Khanom Bueang (I love these little crunchy fellas).

Mommy went for 1 hour foot reflexology at Lek Massage while I went back to the hotel to pack.

Dreamy C

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