Wednesday 25 January 2017

5D4N Trip to Bangkok - Day 3

Brought Mom to ROAST at Thong Lo for some Brunch.
Ang Mo food. Not bad. I had rosti and it was good!
Mom had ROAST breakfast and it was good and filling.
I suggest just getting one dish here and share as there's lots to eat in BKK.
Then again, it's really hard to choose just one so make more trips to BKK then! Ha ha...

After a big meal at ROAST, we went to Audrey's which is just a short walk from ROAST.
We had their Milo Crepe Cake and it was light and lovely. I downed it all with Fruit Punch.
Mommy didn't take any as she was still full from brunch. This woman has limited capacity and a small one at that!
The deco was nice but somehow, I preferred the one in a shopping mall. Was it Siam Paragon?

From Audrey, we took a cab down to Terminal 21.
Late lunch was at Tim Ho Wan.
Thereafter, back to the hotel we go! Mom was still tired from the effects of her medicine.
This woman has been sick since Day 1!
She bought some pineapple after her smoke break near our hotel.
Again, pale looking but oh-so-sweet.

Night was uneventful since Mommy slept through the night.
My tummy started to rumble at 7 plus, local time.
I went to Nuer Koo at Siam Paragon, level 4 and had some yummylicious Kobe beef noodles!
The Cha Yen sucks here. Not as thick as the one at the magazine lane.

There was a charity going on and I bought a leather coin purse along with a Pink Amethyst ring.

I ended the day with Honey Shibuya Toast at After You.

Dreamy C

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