Thursday, 23 October 2014

TCM Physician

I fell sick yesterday on a public holiday...=( Slight fever and a sore throat. The sore throat wasn't that bad as my voice didn't quite change much. It's just that when I swallow my saliva, it hurts. My phlegm also has some tinge of blood. It could be due to my body being 'tai re' or it could be due to excessive coughing? Well, I don't cough that much either so I'm not sure what caused the blood.

I'm 33 this year and I've been visiting the western doctor whenever I fell ill. My parents never have the habit of bringing me to a TCM physician. Nonetheless, being an asian, I've always believed in TCM. The question is finding the right physician.

These days, they no longer tell you what problems you have BEFORE you tell them. Meaning, it usually is this way. You go into the room, you tell them what problems you are facing, then they tell you the problems while feeling your pulse. Get it?

Well, I found one who tells you your problems BEFORE you tell them. Apparently, by feeling your pulse, he can tell if you are a vegetarian! I've always wanted to have my body check-up done the asian way. Hence, I'm going to make a trip down probably tomorrow or this Sat for a check.

He's Zuo Yi Shi and he operates from home in Pandan Gardens. I live in the North and travelling there takes at least an hour. Well, I'm willing to make this small sacrifice if he really is indeed as good as what people say...

By the way, he prescribe the herbs to take but doesn't sell them. He does recommend 2 x medical halls where you can get them though...

Keep you guys updated! Don't hold your breath as the asian way usually takes a longer time to 'tune' your body back as compared to western medicine.

Dreamy C


  1. Hi Dreamy C,
    May i check how is ur experience with the physician? Can you share more abt him? I am thinking of visiting him as well

  2. Hi dreamy c, could you share how is the result? Thank you! :)