Sunday 3 March 2013

Aiyo...Gone AGAIN!

Yes yes, I do apologise for the lack of updates. I've been busy with my new hobby - Card Making. I've made quite a few cards. In the beginning, they looked like they were done by Primary School kids. I've improved and still is improving...

If one were to ask me about good Malay food which I've had in Singapore, I would say Hajah Maimunah. The spelling might be wrong but honestly, if you are interested, just google it. I'm sure you'll be able to find it. The craving for it was strong recently and I decided to make a trip down and get my craving fixed! There's 2 outlets in Singapore, 1 in Jalan Pisang and another @ Joo Chiat. I went to the former and I'm going to share the photos with you today!

This is the spread and this is meant for 2!
Cost me a total of $46.50!

Grilled/BBQ Chicken
This is really good with their Kicap Chili Padi sauce
Yum Yum...

What is Malay food w/o Beef Rendang???
Nice but it's more salty now

Grilled Fish
I was told by the lady that the fish isn't ready and I was disappointed. 
I asked her how long it'll take. She made a total of 2 trips to the kitchen to answer me.
I'm glad I finally got it. This is again, nice with Kicap Chili Padi.

Sayor Lordeh
My spelling definitely wrong.
Nice. I like it. Cabbage and beancurd.

Assam Pedas on Top
Sambal Goreng @ the Bottom
The Sambal Goreng is nice as far as outside food goes. My ex-MIL cooked it much better though.
The Assam Pedas lacks oomph. My ex-MIL cooked better. *sigh* I've been spoilt...

Top: Tapioca Leaves in Coconut
Bottom: Eggplant
Surprisingly, the eggplant didn't taste as spicy as it looked.
The tapioca leaves is a nice non-spicy dish.
Even Fatty like the gravy of the tapioca leaves!

Opor Chicken
I don't like this not because it doesn't taste good but because I don't really fancy it regardless of the cook.

In summary, I'll go back again if I've the craving but I doubt it's going to be soon. I might go check out another stall selling Malay food which has Muslim cab drivers going there for their meals. Pariaman I think.

Dreamy C

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