Thursday, 29 May 2014

Thursday, 29.05.2014

Whoo hoo!!! 1.5 more days to the weekend people!!! I believe Chub Chub will be coming back to Singapore this weekend. I'm so excited!!! *sings* She grows so fast! She was brought to the pool recently and I saw a photo of her float! So very cute. It comes with a tree and a fish! Kids these days... how fortunate they are...

I've to make a trip down to Mommy's place this Sat as well as I failed to finish cutting of Horlick's nails. He is not a co-operative boy. I attempted cutting his nails last Sat but left 2 out as he refused to let me continue. I tried coaxing him with opening the gate (he loves lying down on the floor outside of the house) and offering him tidbits. Nothing works! He's still as grumpy as ever & REFUSED me touching his little paw again. It goes to show he's no pushover. Ha ha...

Breakfast today was 2 x slices of Sun Dried Tomato Foccacia and a cup of Mint Tea.
Lunch was Rice with Braised Pork & a Hard Boiled Egg.
Dinner will be Stir Fry Veggie.

I baked the foccacia last night and it was better than the 1st time I tried baking it.
Tonight, I'm going to bake me some Almond Biscotti! Lovely to go with a cup of tea... =)

I've not started my homework for BSF. We were given a break. The next class is in early July.
The kiddos will be over for a week during week 24. No activities planned out yet...

That's about all for me today.
I wish you a great Thursday!

Dreamy C

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