Monday, 2 June 2014

Monday, 02.06.2014

Hmmm... June holidays. Parents, are you looking forward??? Ha ha... Me? I do not have children of my own though I'm a step-mom to 3 young boys. Not too bad for me as they will only stay over for a week during this June holiday period. We've not thought of where to bring them though... I'm not even sure if their mother will assign them homework during the time they are over at our place.

I've been down with a cold. Nothing serious though. For once, I'm actually happy falling sick. My body and mind need the rest. I'm also glad that Mommy is travelling to China come 13th June and wouldn't be back till 23rd June. This meant that I'll get to spend more time with Horlick and hopefully, he'll grow to be less hostile towards me... I've a feeling that he sees me as his punching bag... =(

Breakfast for today was 1 x Sardine Curry Puff which I bought from Raffles Shopping Mall yesterday and a cup of Mint Tea.
Lunch will be packed food. I'm thinking of Ginger & Onion Pork Rice.
Dinner will most probably be Chasoba and a bowl of Miso Soup.

Well, I hope you have a brilliant Monday!

Dreamy C

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