Thursday, 15 May 2014

Thursday, 15.05.2014

How did the public holiday go for my fellow Singaporeans? For sure we can do with a public holiday!!! =)

I spent the day lazing around the house in the morning, doing my Christmas cards, preparing lunch and working just ever so slightly. In the afternoon, J and I went to the nursery. We need a garden furniture to put our pots of plants on and it has to have a height of at least 26".
You see, the plants that S is growing isn't going well as they can't get sufficient sunlight! Hence, we got a garden furniture which can hold 05 x pots of plants at 26" high so the plants can get the sunlight required now! S was so happy that she bought chicken feed again to nourish the poor fellas.
On that garden furniture, we have 1 x pot of chili plant, 1 x pot of cherry tomato plant, 2 x pots of eggplant plant and 1 x pot of okra plant. S told me that once the chili plant starts to flower, there will be loads of bugs. If that didn't work out, she'll remove it and grow capsicums on that pot instead. Yummy... =)
Our Japanese Cucumber plant is also growing nicely... Our other big pot of local cucumber is growing pathetically. Again, it's to do with the sunlight. I just hope S don't get too impatient with it and 'kill' it. She has a habit doing that. Once, she 'killed' a couple of okra plants only to regret later. =( I've since told her not to be a plant killer.
Not sure if I've shown you guys a photo of our Japanese Cucumber but here goes...

This was taken about a week back. I shall upload a photo of it tomorrow. It has grown much since!

Breakfast was a cup of Nestum oats.
Lunch was Japanese Rice with Tamagoyaki and Pan Fried Salmon.
Dinner will most probably be Crab Onigiri Balls with Miso Soup.

I had wanted to cook Miso Ramen for dinner but S told me that there's leftover rice so it's Onigiri then! I'll probably have Miso Ramen tomorrow for dinner. =)

For the past couple of days, I've been having Japanese food. Take a look!

Lunch on 13.05.2014
Chasoba, Stir Fry Spinach and Cucumber, Carrot & Carrot Salad with Ponzu Sauce

Dinner on 13.05.2014
Japanese Rice, Cucumber, Carrot & Carrot Salad with Ponzu Sauce, Tonkatsu and Miso Soup

I weigh at 60.5 kgs. I'll update you on my weight 1 month later. =)

Wishing you a great Thursday!

Dreamy C

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