Thursday, 8 May 2014

Thursday, 08.05.2014

I woke up hungry this morning. This only goes to prove that I cannot have porridge for dinner even if it's a big bowl of porridge. What do I do then? I finish the food that's meant for lunch! Ha ha...

Breakfast was rice with stir-fry Okra with garlic and honey chicken with ginger.
As for lunch, I'll probably go to a nearby canteen and get myself a pork bun (we call it Da Bao here in Singapore) say around 3 plus? Hmmm... I might throw in a Cheese Prata as well. Yummy...

I was playing around with Windows Live Movie Maker and found it so easy to insert a text and music on a video. I experiment with a video I took on Horlick. I also learnt how to fast forward the video! How nice... Now, I can take videos and do little stuff before uploading on my YouTube channel. The only issue I have is that it takes such a long time to transfer the video from my tablet to my PC. =( I'm using this program called AirDroid. 

I bought the following for Horlick yesterday from Pets Lovers Centre:
  1. 30 x cans duck flavored wet food
  2. 30 x cans salmon flavored wet food
  3. 4 x big packets of litter
  4. 1 x 3 kg packet of chicken flavored dry food
  5. 2 x packets bream flavored titbits
  6. 2 x packets shrimp flavored titbits
  7. 2 x packets crab flavored titbits
  8. 4 x packets salmon flavored titbits
  9. 2 x packets beef flavored titbits
  10. 2 x packets lamb flavored titbits
Total damage? 270 bucks! Ha ha... I believe these can last 4 months. 

Horlick's due for his yearly vaccination this year. I skipped last year. I really dread bringing him to the vet. He's not a joy at all. He would attack the vet and vent his anger on me throughout the entire day. He would attack me as well. When it comes to Horlick, I hate bringing him to the vet, I hate clipping his nails & I hate showering him. He would never fail to attack me. Initially, I thought Horlick might be grouchy as he has to wait for a long time for his turn. So I tried turning up before the clinic open for business and we are the 2nd in line. Even that don't seem to keep his temper down. At the same time, I'm aware that the vaccination is important for him. If only he's kinder... to me at least... =( I tried asking my Mom to tag along as Horlick seems to treat my Mom better but she didn't want to... =( I guess I'll bring him later this year... I sent him for a shower once and he managed to bleed the person showering him... =( What an aggressive boy. Adorable? Yes at times but Aggressive and ssssoooooo unfriendly. Perhaps I should pray to God. Ask Him to make Horlick more bearable. Ha ha...

Well, that's all for me now. 1 more day to the weekend!

Dreamy C

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