Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Tuesday, 20.05.2014

Last week was not a motivational week for me. It didn't go smoothly. I wasn't feeling good, not motivated. I've not been good. My DFG class got cancelled on Sat and I didn't attend church on Sun. I also completed my BSF homework in a rush and as a result, wasn't able to contribute to my full potential yesterday. Everything went downhill from the time I didn't attend church. Even night prayers seem shorter by the day. So you see... I'm just like any ordinary folk out there. Following Jesus is like taking a roller coaster ride. At times, it's up and other times, it's down the tubes. It's our job to constantly check on ourselves to make us nearer to being constantly up. That's why the journey with Jesus is always self-improving, transformation! Okie, I'm feeling slightly better now...

Breakfast was 2 x slices of Italian Pound Cake with a cup of Peppermint Tea.
Lunch will be Japanese Rice with Pan Fried Tioman (a type of fish) with ginger and Stir Fry Veggie.
Dinner will be Japanese Rice with Tumeric Chicken and Veggie. 

I'm going to make it a point to do my BSF homework during lunchtime today. I've got to bring myself back on the right track! =)

Let's talk about the pound cake I baked yesterday. I substituted granulated sugar with brown sugar. I ran out of sugar and S didn't buy spare packets. Boo hoo! Mistake no. 1! It turned out looking unappetizing. Hence explaining why there isn't any photo of it. Nope! You won't be able to find it on my Instagram channel either! =) I've made it a point not to shine light on it in the virtual world. 
I also mixed in lemon curd into the mixture. It probably would have been better if I spread it on top on the cake when it's done baking. 
Looks aside, I find the taste good enough. In fact, the substitution of sugar made it less sweet. Had it not been the lemon curd that I mixed in, I believe you can hardly taste any tinge of sweetness in it. 

So there you go! My life wasn't all happy, smooth and hyped up last week! Even though I managed to make and bake a few stuff, it didn't make me happy. Even though I managed to make a few more designs for Christmas cards, it didn't make me happy. I guess following The Lord closely really IS what makes me happy. =) I learnt the hard way. I thought I could have it all but the fact of the matter is something's got to give. I'm ashamed to say that this time round, I put God aside to achieve worldly things. This week, there has to be a change! =)

I hope you have a blessed day and a fulfilling week!

Dreamy C

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