Monday, 12 May 2014

Monday, 12.05.2014

My weekend was good... I went to Meidi-ya on Saturday and bought a few items to make some Japanese meals.

Clockwise from top left: Kelp, Short Grain Rice, Nori Seaweed, Wakame Seaweed

Clockwise from top left: Sushi Mould, Tamago Pan, Chasoba, Bonito Flakes

Clockwise from top left: Soyabean Drink, Tofu, Mayo, Pickled Plums

Top from left: 
Sauce to dip Chasoba, Ponzu Sauce, Sushi Soya Sauce, Mirin, Rice Vinegar, Sushi Vinegar, Chili Pepper
Bottom: Miso Paste

S told me that most of the items contain MSG. I shall make an effort to read the labels next time round. Well, MSG is a form of additive. I didn't put any sugar or salt in my food to begin with. Not much oil either.

I made cucumber sushi, pickled plum sushi & crabstick sushi yesterday for my lunch.
For dinner, I made chasoba, tamagoyaki and miso soup. 
Other than using some of the sauces, no salt or sugar or oil was used except for the tamagoyaki.
The rice was cooked with water.
The dashi stock for the miso was cooked with kelp, water and bonito flakes. The only ingredient added to the miso soup other than miso paste, was tofu and wakame seaweed.
There's some oil used for tamagoyaki.
By 10 plus at night, my tummy began growling. I paid no attention to it and went to bed. 

Breakfast this morning was 1 x Pain Au Chocolat bought from Cedele yesterday.
Lunch will be Japanese Rice with some Furikake seasoning (homemade from the kelp and bonito flakes used to make the dashi stock for the miso soup last night), mince chicken with some kind of beans (cooked by S) and miso soup (leftover from last night).
Dinner will be Chasoba and Tamagoyaki. This time round, I'm going to add some soy sauce, sugar and dashi stock into the mixture of eggs before cooking it. =)

I'm going to weigh myself tomorrow morning and again 1 month later. During this 1 month, I'm going to have Japanese food as often as I can. I'll see if I lose any weight 1 month later. =)

Since it's a public holiday tomorrow, I intend to make a trip to Daiso (I didn't managed to go there as planned over the weekend). I would like to get some small containers for sauces, some container for my rice and stuff, an Onigiri mould. These are the items for now. I'm sure I'll end up taking more stuff when I'm there. =) I'm feeling so excited... I might bring J down to Meidi-ya as well. If he would like to go, I'll grab more of those bonito flakes as they are so expensive (I saw them at $10.40 each at Market's Place at Raffles. I forgot the price from Meidi-ya) and J can pay for them! I might also cook J some Japanese Curry Rice tomorrow! We'll see how it goes...

See you around and happy holiday if you are living in Singapore!

Dreamy C

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