Monday, 5 May 2014

Monday, 05.05.2014

I was sick last week and finally went to the doctor on Friday, 02.05.2014. I went to the office to pick up my laptop on Friday morning and went straight to the doctor. Then, I went home, took my breakfast & medicine and worked for a bit. The medicines given by the doctor were strong (the doctor actually asked if it's alright to prescribe me stronger medicine so I could get well sooner). Come afternoon say about 3 plus, I had to get ready for a movie - The Amazing Spider Man 2. We brought the kiddos along and they enjoyed it. Personally, I prefer the previous episodes. Part 2 seemed kinda boring...

Come Saturday, I was feeling better and went to Jurong to meet up a customer (she ordered a 'Thank You' shaker card from me) and I needed to make a trip down to IMM to pick up some hobby stuff which I ordered earlier. I ended up spending close to 200 bucks, purchasing other stuff as I go around the store. I couldn't complain! After all, majority of the supplies bought were for the making of Christmas cards which I'll probably get paid come later this year.

I went home and dropped the stuff before heading out to Mommy's place. I was glad she finally called me even though it's money she wants. She told me that she'll be going to Zhejiang, China with 2 girlfriends come June this year. She asked me to sponsor her SGD1K which I agreed. She then dropped another bomb - she intend to go to Switzerland for a holiday with her good friend. Let's call her A. Incidentally, A is 1 of the ladies going to Zhejiang, China. Mommy said 3K is required for the Switzerland trip. I'm wondering if I should sponsor... We'll see how it goes...

I then brought her somewhere near for dinner. We had Grilled Chicken Steak & a Chicken Wing each.
I'm just really glad that we're alright now. I talked to her about an event in my church come end May at her place and she rejected without even considering it and I didn't pursue further. After all, belief is a very sensitive subject. Then over dinner, she asked me if it's my intention to get her baptized. Ha ha... It must have been on her mind. Otherwise, she wouldn't broach the subject again 15 minutes later. She didn't give me an outright answer on the event and I kept quiet. I intend to ask her again as the date draws nearer. Anyway, I've given our Pastor her name yesterday so they can help pray for her. =)

Sunday was a lazy day. I still need to take my medication and it's no joke trying to stay awake during the sermon. After church, J & I went to Brotzeit for lunch.

J's Green Salad

My Crispy Chicken Salad

J's Schnitzel

My Bavarian Pork Ribs

As usual, J had 2 x glasses of 0.5 litre each beer (Original Lager).

We head straight home after lunch and that pretty much sums up my weekend. I made a couple of Christmas cards which I'll upload the photos on the next post which will most probably be tomorrow.

Breakfast for today was 1 x Chicken Fillet Burger & 1 x Ham & Cheese Sandwich with Pork Floss. I ate so much bread I feel like puking now. Ha ha...
Lunch will be ABC Soup with Rice.
Dinner will be Rice with Steam Fish (I believe it's Pomfret but I might be wrong).

BSF class tonight and I'm still left with 1.5 days' worth of homework left undone. Yikes!

Over the weekend, First Born was down with headache. I wonder why since there's no homework at all and he's not under stress. I later found out that there's exams this week and that probably explains why he has headache. Poor boy. Headache always comes for him whenever exam's around the corner. I'm glad he felt lots better when we called him again on Sunday. =)

Well, that's all for me... 
I wish you a brilliant Monday!

Dreamy C

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